If you're the type who loves fancy sports cars in Hollywood movies, and have always wanted to custom style your car, then you should go ahead and do it. While you might not have the budget for a Lamborghini Gallardo or a Ferrari Spyder, or other luxury cars you might have seen in the movies of Michael Bay or Michael Mann, that doesn't mean you can't custom detail your sports car to look as cool as the movies. Here's a few ways to do it.

Big, Flashy Rims

The first, and most important step in creating an impressive look is to get new rims for your car wheels. You don't want to drive around on the stock rims that came with the car. Aftermarket rims will make your car look unique, and also create a sexy, sporty look. In fact, you could get the same brand of rims that are used on some of the exotic Italian sports cars and use it on your own sports car. You can get a really slick looking set of concave rims that will definitely make your car stand out from other vehicles that have the stock rims that came with the car.

Performance Chrome Exhaust

By swapping out the stock exhaust, for a performance exhaust system, you are not only improving the car's horsepower, but you are also making it look better. You should choose a chromed model because it looks really cool and matches any paint job. You have a lot of design choices when it comes to exhaust. You can have dual exhausts on either side, which creates a beautiful balance, or you could chose a single center exhaust.

Undercarriage Light System

This one's a bit fancy, but it is also a real showstopper. If you like driving at night, then this is a fantastic way to get attention. A neon light system is added to the undercarriage of your car, and a switch is installed inside the car on the dashboard. You can then flip the switch and a bright neon light halos on the ground under your car. You can even have the lights switch colors from neon green, to purples, red, and pinks.

Tinted Windows

Finally, don't forget the windows. Tinted windows are a must on a sports car if you want that Hollywood movie look. Make sure to check the laws in your state regarding the level of tint. In some cases the rear and side windows can have different degrees of tint. Make sure you know what is legal because you don't want to get a ticket and have to have the tint redone.